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Festiwal Wibracje 2024 | EUR

16:01 | Wtorek, 16 lipca 2024

Osada Młynarza


od 90€ (incl. 3,15€ fee)

od 90€ (incl. 3,15€ fee)

Ahead of us is the 8th edition of the Wibracje Festival, which annually attracts enthusiasts of harmonious development, knowledge seekers, and life enthusiasts. We come together to mutually inspire and develop our potentials.

The mission of the Wibracje Festival is to promote psycho-physical well-being and an alternative lifestyle. It is the largest festival in Poland dedicated to sustainable development, living in harmony, and health with oneself and the surrounding world.

In the program, we offer a wide range of topics, with the common denominator being the health of the body, mind, joy, community, and love for life in all its manifestations: our entire magnificent Pachamama.

Wibracje Festival is a 6-day event that combines lectures, workshops, concerts, dances, bonfires, a trade fair, a body zone, a vegetarian food zone - a unique blend. We promote the idea that a life of full health and harmony is within reach.


✨ Over 100 speakers from Poland and abroad,

✨ Thematic zones including Psychology and Mind, Health, Movement, Massages, Archery, Crafts, Art, Tantra, Sound Home

✨ World scene of ethno/electro & Medicine Music,

✨ Baby Zone and an extensive program for families,

✨ Yoga, meditation, Cacao Dance, 

✨ Relaxation in nature, forest sauna, bonfires, bird songs, barefoot walks, and... kayaks.

The list of speakers and artists is growing here: vibesfestival.eu/programme 


WHEN: In the warm and sunny time between July 16 and July 21, 2024 (Tuesday from 16:01 - Sunday evening)

WHERE: Radotki near Płock (Osada Młynarza), Poland

PLACE: As every year, on the festival grounds, we build a full town:

? There is a camping area,

? A diverse gastro area with tents and seating,

? Sanitary facilities (toilets, showers, sinks),

? Parking (also for campers),

? There is access to electricity and drinking water,

? Other areas with coverings and seating,

? Information and medical point.

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