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Polemica (European Tour 2016)

21:00 | Piątek, 14 października 2016

MÓZG Warszawa


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POLEMICA is an international 4-piece thinkrock band based in Italy. From the name to the lyrics to the music, POLEMICA challenges social models and provokes critical questions. Though the project is new, the musicianship is honed, and the spirit is infectious. Hilary Binder (SABOT, Kačkala) pours her heart and intellect into the emotional and politicized lyrics, deftly delivered over solid, and occasionally quirky, music collectively composed with Giulio Marino (Materiale resistente, Disorchestra) on bass, Zilly (Lady malferma, Crazy children) on guitar and synth, and Vik Di Santo (Aforisma, The Suricates) on drums. POLEMICA is set to release their highly- anticipated debut album "Keep Your Laws Off My Mind" on September 20.
Giulio - bass;
Hilary - vocals;
Vik - drums;
Zilvio - guitar and synth

extended band bio:
Giulio and Zilvio met on stage a few years ago through respective music projects and in December 2015, after a short collaboration, decided to start a new band. Vik soon joined as the drummer and, thus, the decisive next step was to find the "voice". The search ended when, while participating in the first evening of improvised music at the cultural association INVIZIN, they met Hilary, the association founder and American musician, a multifaceted artist who right away agreed to try out as the singer in the new project. The band began working on new material, inserting Hilary's lyrics full of political and social themes, as well as introspection and irony. And the name arrived: p o l e m i c a. Soon after, they recorded a 5-song demo, live to capture the best energy. Since then, while continuing to work on new material, the band played their first live concerts in Tornareccio, Piane d'Archi, Florence, and Lanciano, and will release the first album, Keep Your Laws Off My Mind in September 2016.

band member short bios:
born in Ortona (CH) Italy
currently based in Ortona
currently bassist in polemica,
bassist since age 23 (before debuting as a guitarist and singer)
also double bassist, guitarist and vocalist
10 years playing double-bass with jazz, ethnic and radical improvisation groups
10 years as guitarist and vocalist with rock bands Materiale Resistente, Disorchestra and others...

born in washington, d.c, usa 14 august 1965
currently based in tornareccio [CH], italy
lived 28 years in the us, 20 years in the czech republic currently the lead singer in polemica
4 years violin
4 years piano
singing since age 6
singer with acapella all-female band kačkala since 1999 drumming since age 13
20 years with bass/drums instrumental duo sabot continents never played on: africa, antarctica

born in Lanciano (CH), Italy 19 may 1993 currently based in Archi, Italy
currently the drummer in polemica, aforisma 1 year cello
6 years piano
drumming since age 16
Also plays djembe, bass and guitar.
5 years with post-rock band Suricates. Drum teacher
Endorser Facus Sticks

Born in Attesa (CH), Italy. Currently he plays guitar and synthesizer in Polemica, but his debut was in 1996 with Le53. In 1998 he played in the rock band Lady Malferma and from 2008 to 2012 he sang and played guitar in the punk-noise band Crazy Children and Toys Eaters. He is also a freelance sound engineer for various artists including Dago red, Poland, Mark Pellegrini trio, De Chellis project, Neil Young, TM Steven, Momo, and more.

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